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I would like to be able to generate a listing of all customers with unbilled time. If Xero inventory items have been set up then it would also be good to see the value of that unbilled time next to each customer. This way we can identify who we need to bill. This can be a report or the hours and value could just appear next to the customer on the dropdown list when preparing an invoice. I can get a report based on total hours per customer but I cannot find a way of getting a list of UNBILLED hours per each customer. I hope this can be done urgently as all the data is in Tsheets but we just need a way to be able to extract it.

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  • Chris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If TSheets could sync the billable time into Xero projects, then one could use Xero's inbuilt system of displaying the option to add billable time to a draft invoice as well as view billable time in Xero Projects in various ways. I added a feature request for this today.

  • Tim Bates commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I find it surprising that so few have voted for this. We have exactly the same issue - servicing a broad range and number of projects, it is so easy to overlook time which should be billed, or double-bill time since there is no flag for 'Billable Status' against timesheets.

    We have a clumsy process of exporting to excel where the billable flag is maintained. As soon as customer job structure/codes change in TSheets, the workaround gets super messy. This means only one person in the business uses TSheets for invoicing.

    If built, a basic workflow to identify and export desired timesheets to an invoice (in Xero in our case) would generate company-wide uptake. Suggest:

    - Invoice Report where dates, customer and job(s) selectable for inclusion;
    - back-end flag against timesheets for invoice/billable status containing values like "Billable", Unbillable", "Billable", "Deferred";
    - select relevant billable statuses for inclusion;
    - export to Xero/Qbooks/plugin etc as detail, grouped by staff, grouped by job, etc as selected;
    - backend changed to "Billed" on approval of invoice export;
    - ability to select timesheet lines and bulk edit the status (in event of error or approved job variation allowing dead time to be invoiced etc).

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