How can we improve TSheets?

Adjust 'Clock In' time once an employee has already clocked in. Also adjust 'Clock Out' time if the forget.

This is all in regards to the mobile app's capabilities.

It would be nice to let my Crew Manager adjust clock in times for their crew if the guys forget to clock in until later in the day. Also, if the crew forgets to clock out, it would be great if the manager could clock them out earlier than the current time. If they call him at night and ask him to clock them out at 4pm, he can't do it via his mobile app.

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  • joel porteous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I NEED THIS! I manager 75 guys! if I forget to clock them out I have to go on the computer to change the clock out time.

    What ive done to get around it is: make a job code and activity called "Mistake Correction" and I will sign them into that job code and activity when they were supposed to clock out for the day. then I just on on the desktop and delete that timesheet input. its a lot easier than going on the desktop and editing every timesheet to the correct log out time.

  • Jonathan Aldrich commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As a crew manager I have been entrusted with editing the crews time sheets for what ever reason, may it be they forgot to clock in in the morning. I am able to adjust the time of clock in as long a don't exceed into the future, from the mobile app. This is great. Now if i want to clock them out an hour ago, for lunch or to just switch the job code, I am unable to adjust that time on the mobile app. I would like to have the freedom to clock in, clock out, and switch job code in past time from the mobile app.

  • Jacob commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It seems like if I edit my time in the app for a day that I was working with my crew that it should ask if I want this same change to be applied to all crew members working on that same job. So in order to simplify the entry process I envision the crew leader being able to enter and adjust his time and when he has a crew clocked in on the same job he is prompted to apply the same hours to his whole crew.

  • Della Hutzenbiler commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It is imperative that crew leaders in the field can adjust the times for the crew on the clock in and as well as the clock out times from the phone APP. We are a construction company and work in many remote areas where the only signal is a phone APP and the crew supervisor is needing to clock in and clock out the crew and adjust times on either end if there is a signal issue or other issue. Because this isn't available it is causing excess amount of time to adjust everyone's time at the base office. To ask crew supervisors to get to a web browser is unacceptable when in remote locations and barely getting a signal. I ask that the T-Sheet's App functionality be added to allow designated crew supervisors to adjust clock in and clock out times for themselves and their crew using the APP feature.

    Thank You.

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